Playtime: PS VR Worlds

As I’ve mentioned before, I picked up a PSVR bundle during Sony’s E3 sale. The bundle came with a demo disk of various games and a copy of “Skyrim VR.” The demo disk was definitely a fun start, but ultimately left me wanting – as demo disks are designed to do – because none of the demos gave me the satisfaction of a complete game. … Continue reading Playtime: PS VR Worlds

I’m Venturing Into VR!

Over the last few years of this console generation, I’ve watched the console wars from the sidelines. I don’t subscribe to the idea that one console brand is better than the other and I’m lucky enough to have several consoles in my household. However, I used to play primarily on my Xbox One. There are several generic reasons for this: a lot of my active … Continue reading I’m Venturing Into VR!